Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So last night was HORRIBLE for me! The family had Adobo & rice & I ate my little chicken cooked with some garlic, onions & tomatos & I had a TON of asparagus. BUT about 15 minutes later I was STARVING!!! I don't mean just a little hungry I mean full blown STARVING!! It was the weirdest thing I never have that happen. So the hubby being the best husband in the world made a tri tip & yes I ate it! I ate about 3/4s of the tri tip & was nice & full for the rest of the night :) I was afraid to step on the scale this morning but had to. I was down .6 I will take it! As long as it wasn't a gain!!!

Today my injections were a lot easier & I increased my dose to 200 which made a difference in the hunger all day. So today for lunch I only had some cottage cheese, a grissini & some cucumber & I had to force myself to finish it! I am starting to build a intolerance to cucumbers this round. They are starting to make me gag. I think I am going to cut them out for awhile I don't need to puke up what little food I get LOL

I start P3 on the 31st & I am hoping to lose 8 more pounds before I start it. That is a big task, but I am up for it. I plan on following protocol to the letter until the end of P2. The modifications are not worth not losing good.

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