Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So last night was HORRIBLE for me! The family had Adobo & rice & I ate my little chicken cooked with some garlic, onions & tomatos & I had a TON of asparagus. BUT about 15 minutes later I was STARVING!!! I don't mean just a little hungry I mean full blown STARVING!! It was the weirdest thing I never have that happen. So the hubby being the best husband in the world made a tri tip & yes I ate it! I ate about 3/4s of the tri tip & was nice & full for the rest of the night :) I was afraid to step on the scale this morning but had to. I was down .6 I will take it! As long as it wasn't a gain!!!

Today my injections were a lot easier & I increased my dose to 200 which made a difference in the hunger all day. So today for lunch I only had some cottage cheese, a grissini & some cucumber & I had to force myself to finish it! I am starting to build a intolerance to cucumbers this round. They are starting to make me gag. I think I am going to cut them out for awhile I don't need to puke up what little food I get LOL

I start P3 on the 31st & I am hoping to lose 8 more pounds before I start it. That is a big task, but I am up for it. I plan on following protocol to the letter until the end of P2. The modifications are not worth not losing good.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hi Everyone!

This is my first day doing this blog so I guess I will catch you all up on my HCG journey! I started HCG on October 17, 2009. I did a short 23 day round & ended my round on November 10, 2009. In that time I lost a total of 22.8 lbs & 30 inches!!! I am hoping I can figure out how to post pictures on here that I took at the beginning of R1 (round 1) & the end of R1. I stayed in P3 for 3 weeks & P4 for 3 weeks. These 2 phases were difficult because my hubby was in the hospital the entire time from having his heart transplant. I managed to do pretty well considering my circumstances. When I started R2 (round 2) I was only 3 lbs over my last weight on R1. Not bad considering everything I was going through.

Today I am on R2 (round 2) P2 (phase 2) VLCD 13 (very low calorie day) & I have lost a grand total of 13.6 lbs! This diet is not easy do not get me wrong! It takes a lot of hard work & will power, but it is so worth it! I went from a tight size 18 to a little bit snug 14 after the first round! I have never been one to stick to a diet EVER until I found this! I am so thankful for my Aunt who told me about this. It truly is a one in a million weight loss regimen!

I love my diet forum friends! They are awesome group of people who are ALWAYS there to support & guide you. Not just in the diet either, but in personal issues as well. I would not have made it through the entire transplant process if it had not been for them & their love & support. I know some of you are not sure what HCG is but if you leave me a question about it, I will be more than happy to explain in more detail how this diet works.

My plan is to try to update this on a daily basis as much as my life permits! Have a wonderful & blessed day!